Quotation1.png You should stay out of this place! You don't belong here! Quotation2.png
Falcon to the intruders.

Falcon Perez is the grandson of Bane Perez or the Gamekeeper, a hook wielding hunter from Identity V, an asymmetrical horror series. He is the patrol of the deeper part of the forest near in Game High.



Falcon is somewhat of a loner and extremely distance to the modern life, he rather to live with nature than involve himself in the modern life.

Despite of him being a loner, he is somewhat a loyal follower to Proser due to her being the core of the forest and the core must be protected at all cost


Falcon is one of the tallest hunter of all next generation of hunters. He had a dark skin that was filled with scars, a brown eyes and black hair which is surprisingly neat.

Falcon wore an olive green shirt that is covered with dirt and blood which also being covered on the shoulder area with various animal fur which also did the same on his hips that is being hold by the belt, he also wear a pale green pants which is also covered with dirt and lastly a leather shoes with grey soles.

His accessories are mostly straps that is on his arms and thighs, mostly they are black and brown straps around his body, he also has bandages on his shins and lastly some chains on wrist and neck


Bane once fall in love with the daughter of the hunter who killed some of the deer, after that they both secretly married with a baby boy. But after the hunter's daughter knew her secret marriage she was killed leaving Bane struggling to take care of his child all by himself.

Years later, the history repeat to his own son which is he was married to the poacher's daughter and got killed knowing her secret relationship, however Falcon is not as fortunate as Bane because he was locked in a cell of her grandfather's mansion for days making him nearly starve to death however he got rescued by a deer headed man from his cell and then began to pact himself that he will protect the forest from the poachers.



Falcon was raised by his father after his mother got murdered after her secret family was revealed however he died when he attempted to save him from her cruel grandfather. Currently he is under Bane's wing.


Falcon had no interest on having friends however he is very close to Proser. Marisha was also one of his closest for their love in nature.


Boris was his deer companion which is given by Bane as a gift when he was fawn.


He consider intruders in the place he guards as his enemies.


Falcon sworn himself to not have a relationship because of his father and grandfather's "curse" during their relationships


  • Falcon nicknamed as the "Minotaur of the forest."
  • He is the most reckless of all the hunters due to his instincts however he had kind heart animals
  • His appearance was inspired by Muriel from a dating simulator called Arcana
  • But unlike any other trespassers he dumped, he let Hartwin went to the forest with his girlfriend.
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