Quotation1.png Be careful of the Belladonna Quotation2.png
Felicia's warning to every people who visit her garden.

Felicia Woods is the granddaughter of Emma Woods (Formerly known as Lisa Beck) also known as the Gardener, a kiting survivor from an asymmetrical survival horror game called Identity V. She is a part of the Gardening Club.



Felicia was a jolly and kind young girl who is very loving on her friends especially to Hart who she is very affectionate about him, because of him she became for emotionally attach on him.

Because of how emotionally attach she is, Felicia becomes possessive who ever harm him physically and emotional he won't hesitate to fight to someone who hurt Simon.


Felicia has Emma's genetics such as her chocolate brown hair that is cut into short length, a ivory skin with brown freckles and her green eyes.

She wore a white collared blouse with puffy sleeves, a green pleaded overalls dress with dark green hems, her footwear consist of a pair with white socks that has green lining on the top and a black leather shoes.

Felicia's accessory are her beaded bracelet and her multi colored flower crowns.


After Emma survived the manor, she began to make a new life by making a gardening business and once her business grew she began to have a family of her own, but her husband was very abusive towards her resulting in a divorce as well as he is not able to see his children, Years passed by, Felicia was born and her father kept her grandmother's business alive while Emma was currently sick because of aging.



Felicia was being loved by her family so much especially to her grandmother, Emma which inherited her aura from her.


She is very close to her roommate Willow as they consider themselves as the best sisters ever and she sometimes help her out decorating the school gardens. Besides Willow, she is close to Tilly who sometimes scared about her obsession with robots which she thought her obsession might harm her and lastly, she loved how gentleman is Rupert is & she often call him as Mr. Mole.


She had a black kitten named ;Lisa, she is very clueless that she named her cat after her grandmother's birth name.


She doesn't like Xiao chen because of how harsh she is. Felicia also disliked Archie not for being a backstabbing bastard but having a dark history on their bloodline


Hartwin fell in love with her sweetness and her love with nature, once he confessed, she accepted it and now they are together.


  • Felicia's favorite flower are Daisies, this flower symbolizes purity and innocence.
  • While gardening, Felicia loves to hum the song called "You are my sunshine"
  • Felicia has her grandmother's straw hat but she only wear it whenever she is on a beach trips.
  • Felicia smelled like fertilizer and a hint of cologne.
  • She fears rats.
  • Her pet Mabel was actually given by Hartwin during their first date together in her garden
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