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Felipe Baden is the descendant of Jose Baden or better known as the First Officer, from the asymmetrical horror game called Identity V. Felipe is from a family of blue bloods but he ran away to live a normal life than living in royalty.



Felipe is a rebellious and sassy young royalty who is willing to rebel when it comes to his own freedom because of his strict youth resulting him trading his royalty for his own freedom for adventures and writing his own chapter of life without someone forcing what fate he chose for himself.

Felipe is also mistaken a flirtatious bastard because of him being closed with Hector, a flirtatious cowboy. He is apparently a big gentleman when it comes men and woman he encounter, he is also pretty bold because of having a thought of treasure haunting in Mortal Kombat's famous realms.


Felipe inherited his ancestor's appearance, he had a black hair that has been tied into a ponytail which also has a few bangs on it, a beard on his upper lips and chin, he has fair skin with few scars especially on his right eyes and lastly an ocean blue eyes.


Before Jose's expedition to find the Chinese Umbrella to bring his family honor after the queen deprived their riches, he had fiancée back then, their relationship each other was on and off due Jose's alcoholism to "cure" his insomnia, once he left, his fiancée realize she is pregnant with his child and this pregnancy is like a surprise gift for him when he came back but sad to say, he didn't came back causing her being depressed as she raised their son her own.

Years passed by and his descendants grew their own families and one of them is a royalty one which is what family is Felipe came from, he is a 2nd son of the Baden Family, he had lifeless childhood because of his parents was strict on him unlike his older brother which they care a lot rather than him.One day he saw a journal that was hidden in a treasure room, and that journal turns to be owned by Jose, his ancestor. When he read that diary he began to be inspired by his adventures, when he was 13, he ran away from his royal status to enjoy life like he always wanted. Until to this day his family still finding the missing prince.



Felipe lied of being an orphan to his teammates but the truth he had a parents from Spain, who is the king and queen there as well, which he escaped because of their strict treatment on him because he is not like his older brother which is a disciplined and obedient one because of he is unable to take it anymore he ran away. Until now his family still searching for him.


He and Hector shared their mischief especially in gambling behind schools but he can't go with the flow his flirting habits because he didn't want to be a living turn off on every male and female he encounter. He is also friends with Erid as well, they bonded also because of their adventures which she always to do. Despite of being friends with him, they remain clueless about his true background.


He had a Labrador dog and the named Anton which he adopted after he left his royalty behind.


Felipe was always attempted to steal Ming's and Xiao's umbrella for fortune purposes which he is always being haunted first but due to him being a good kiter he sometimes manages to carry his team whenever they are they are the hunter he is dealing with


Felipe has a secret lover which he have to hide because it might expose his true location and their relationship to the whole world, which is a noble man's son, Vincent.


  • Felipe's name is Spanish variant of Phillip and Philip, which derives from the Greek adjective Philippos "friend of horses".
  • Felipe was once used as an offering for Maika by his fellow IDV People to avoid her being attracted to Apollo.
  • His quote is reference on one of William Turner's farewell for Elizabeth Swan before he leaves.
  • Felipe is once arrested due to illegal gambling with the delinquents however Erid managed to bail him.
  • Felipe has discomfort to music especially classic ones because it's like a reminder of his strict youth.
  • Felipe will break down once his true identity got exposed.
  • Like Jose, he is a problem with sleeping.
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