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Quotation1.png Well I advise that keep a weather eye on the horizon.. Quotation2.png
Felipe advises the decoders

Felipe Baden is the descendant of Jose Baden or better known as the First Officer, from the asymmetrical horror game called Identity V. Felipe is from a family of military who served the British royalty for centuries.



Felipe is appear to be cocky and adventurous young man but he was trained to become well mannered man so that he would be also capable to appeal the royalty and the woman in royalty . however he is not fond of the "appealing the ladies" part since he want to choose what he love no matter what gender they are which is why he easily fell for Vincent.

He is also very punctual as well which is why he will never be late in classes. Felipe likes adventures which is why he befriended Hector because of him being adventurous.



Felipe inherited his ancestor's appearance , TBA

Hunter Appearance


Before Jose's expedition to find the Chinese Umbrella to bring his family honor after the queen deprived their riches, he had fiancée back then, their relationship each other was on and off due Jose's alcoholism to "cure" his insomnia, once he left, his fiancée realize she is pregnant with his child and this pregnancy is like a surprise gift for him when he came back but sad to say, he didn't came back causing her being depressed as she raised their son her own.

Years passed by and his descendants grew their own families and one of them is a royalty. His father was TBA



Felipe is apparently from a family who serve the royalties for centuries. His Father, Jose Baden IV was his father who loved him in any shape or form along with Rosa, an owner of a jewelry store and a fashion designer. Both of his parents warmly accepted who he is, even his lover, Vincent.

He is a very protective brother to Soraya and they see each other quite often since they are in different schools.


He and Hector shared their mischief but he can't go with the flow his flirting habits because he didn't want to be a living turn off on every male and female he encounter. He is also friends with Erid as well, they bonded also because of their adventures which she always to do. Despite of being friends with him, they remain clueless about his true background.


He had a Labrador dog and the named Anton which he adopted after he got his arm ripped


Felipe was always attempted to steal Ming's and Xiao's umbrella for completing the royalty's missing treasure.


Felipe has a secret lover, Vincent which he have to hide because of how homophobic his family but revealed to his own family(his family was supportive) due to him being noble who arranges his marriage w. Which is why he convinced him to rebel so that they can capable to live together

It is revealed that Felipe and Angelica used to be together but due to her being obsessives of her job as a psychiatrist and taking care of her younger brother. They became distant and because she see him as distraction of her career she broke up with him. However she want him to get him back again.


  • Felipe's name is Spanish variant of Phillip and Philip, which derives from the Greek adjective Philippos "friend of horses".
  • His quote is reference on one of William Turner's farewell for Elizabeth Swan before he leaves..
  • Felipe was left-handed
  • Felipe lose his arm of a car incident when he was 6 while his scar on the right eye is from a delinquent fight that he almost joined
  • Since Jose involved into mystical stuff, he can also able to see Ayi or her mother, Yidhra..
  • Felipe likes fashion due to his mother's influence and he is also a model as well.