Is the fifth episode of fanfiction by Solonor1987 who look like a episode of ever after high.


Ruby Cooper

Maddie Schimdt

Calliope Nivans

Bunnito Rabbit

Dirk Jones


Ruby waiting in her jewel store for finally put the jewels on the stand, when the shop door open and Bunnito enter with the new box of jewels.

Bunnito: So do you give a kiss to you're hero.

Ruby: I know is you Bunnito.

Bunnito: You got it, sweetie.

Ruby: Thanks for bringing these, but now you have to go.

Bunnito: what, but why.

Ruby: Maddie and Calliope go to be there soon, and i don't want them to find out about us.

Ruby Pushed Bunnito to the back door.

Bunnito: Okay then, maybe later we can go somewhere to eat cake and have some coffee.

Ruby shut the door front of Bunnito in shock.

Bunnito: She kicked me out.

In the shop.

Ruby: Thanks for helping before this is open.

Calliope : It was nothing, i see you put stand here, but i want to put the stand more in the light for everyone see how shinny it is.

Ruby; It maybe a good idea, Maddie what do you think, Huh.

Maddie was more interested to watched what Penny and her friends do on her gamecam, outside Bunnito is still waiting for Ruby to came, when he receive a rock on his head and see it was Dirk who was throwing rocks at him.

Bunnito: Dirk

Dirk: You can't catch me, you can't catch me

Dirk throw a other rock at Bunnito.

Bunnito: Now you're on.

And they run when inside Calliope was still talking and Maddie on her gamecam, Ruby go see the line outside it was full and the shop was soon to be open. When Bunnito was still chasing Dirk, and they run on the side of Ruby's jewel shop.

Ruby: Girls we only open one boxes already, we never go to make it.

The back door open and dirk go to hide behind the box with Bunnito at his side.

Bunnito: You can run Dirk, but you can't hide.

Ruby: Bunnito nooo.

The jewels flies all over to be put in place in the stand, and the store finally open with a bunch of video games girls enter the store with exitment, Ruby satisfied of what happen, go see Bunnito and pushed him behind a curtain when no one looking at their side.

Ruby: So ready for a other hug my hero.

Bunnito: How about a kiss.

dirk: Stop, Hahahahaha.

Bunnito; Dirk.

Bunnito run frustrated after Dirk to ruined his kiss, and Ruby smile after he left for running after Dirk.

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