Finette Meidici
Gaming Series of Origins Skullgirls..
Gaming Parentage The grandaughter of Lorenzo Medici,Filia Medici..
Age 15
Pet(s) Well Piers(Parasite) used to be my pet anway -_-...Sometimes he hates putting shampoo in my hair..
Alignment In my book,I am main protagonist :3.Yay!!
Roommate (Vacant)
Victorious Moments I like playing video games in home or at boring days,having tea time and reading some romance novels..
Knock Out! Moments Parasite side effects,sometimes it's so painful and my most hate is adults exepct for my parents..
Favored School Subject Cooking
Least Favored School Subject Well something sweaty subjects..
Allies I have two friends actually Cerise and Marcy..
Nemeses I really hate two gurls in my game..
Favorite Food I like angel cake and grilled cheese..I am addicted to cheese O_o..I am freaking crazy..
Favorite Beverage Milkshakes... :3
 Finette Medici is the daughter of Fillia Medici in the arcade game called Skullgirls..Just like Fillia's,she has Parasite named Piers,or son ofSamson ..


Fillia is loyal and respectful daughter,she doesnt experience the violating the rules of her entire life even in school,home and public places..When you talk about friends,she's also silly and friendly kind of a friend,when she first met of Marcy ,they became bestfriends all because of her silliness..


Not like Fillia,she's born with raven black hair,a

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