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Fiona sensing unusual presence

Fiona Gionne is the biological daughter of Excella Gionne , a leader of the TRICELL who appears in 5th game of the known Resident Evil.. Fiona is blind due to having a birth defect.



Fiona was independent and wise after being abandoned by her own mother at a young age. Fiona was used to be hot headed and irritable due to her insecurities related to her disability and a life without a mother but as she grows she became more calmer and more open-minded.


Fiona has her mother's appearance , she has an ebony black hair chin length hair, a fair skin with freckles and a white eyes which makes her appears to be blind. She wore a lemon yellow button up shirt with V neckline with a white blouse underneath, a green checkered skirt and a brown shoes with a white knee socks. She had a brown head band and a cream scarf with orange lines.



Excella gave birth to Fiona which makes her bitter since she had a disability and she didn't want to have a child like her making her cold to her, in her childhood, her mother kept leaving their home or sometimes they are not home for days and one day her father found out that Excella had a relationship with a man named Albert Wesker..This tragedy make Fiona depressed and started to blaming her existence.


She was very close with Morgan and Heather, as she love how she felt being loved and they also treat her like their little sister.


She had a Golden Retriever which is server as a guide dog named Leslie.


She despised anyone who mock her blindness.


She had a crush on Claude Oda.


  • Fiona's name was Latinised form of the Gaelic word fionn that means "white" or "fair"
  • Fiona's favourite tea flavour was chamomile and blue mint.
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