Quotation1 I was gifted to play violin and I will never trade my soul to the devil like my ancestor! Quotation2
Florencio to Arthur.

Florencio Paganini is the descendant of Antonio Paganini also known as the Violinist, an violin wielding hunter from the asymmetrical survival game called Identity V. Like his ancestor, he is well known to his skilled hands in violin.



Florencio was a talented young man with a humble heart, he is also a reserved person and he only expressed his current emotions through his violin just to avoid being overly expressive personality like he used to be which results in constant bullying in his freshman years.

Florencio was a big gentleman to every girls he encounter which making some girls fell in love for him.


Florencio has a pale skin, a black long hair that tied to a low ponytail and a grey eyes that is covered by his bangs.

He wore a dark red tuxedo, it comes with a white long sleeved shirt which the sleeves where folded, a brick red vest and then he had a mahogany jacket that wrap around his shoulder, he wore a cool grey slacks and a dark brown leather shoes.

Florencio has few accessories which is a black watch and then some bandages both of his hands.







Arthur and him are close friends, both of them also shared their fear of Pythia whenever they match with her. He and Charlotte are childhood friends since they're grade school.


He have no time for pets because of how busy on his passion in violin.


He had a huge disliked with Lucas of how he mocked his talent in violin.


Florencio was currently dating with a Blood Queen's descendant named Antoinette which forms a healthy relationship to each other despite of her pride.


  • Like Arthur, he feared Pythia as well because same reason as Arthur.
  • Florencio did not like his roommate at all because of how creepy he is and how annoyingly obsessive he is to a girl.
  • Like Antonio, he can sometimes use his hair as an extra pair of hands.
  • Florencio loves his hair being braided along with accessorizing it with floral hair pieces.
  • He has an allergy to cats whenever he encounters one he will get a bad rashes and constant sneezing.
  • Florencio has written few poems for Antoinette however he is not ready to read it for her.
  • Skye was often mistaken him as Sindel's child due to his ability on moving his hair.
  • His hands got bandage due to his excessive training in violin which causes hand to sore.
  • He named his violin as Odette, a main character from Swan Lake.


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