Florian Scout
Florian Scout
Gaming Series of Origins Team Fortress
Gaming Parentage The scout
Age 18 year old
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Blake Demo
Victorious Moments Be the next scout like all other scouts in the game is my destiny.
Knock Out! Moments Be defeated by the villains of my game will be the worse thing it ever done to me.
Favored School Subject Weaponology 101, gym
Least Favored School Subject Astrology
Allies All character from the valweve or other games.
Nemeses All of the one who go to make fun on me.
Favorite Food Vegan Sandwich


He's friendly, but love to play prank on people, he also have one of this temper.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He had olive skin and nlue eyes, and brown hairs, he wear a red shirt who can be sometime blue, but he let that to the other scouts, he also wear a gray hat with blue patns white socks and black and white shoes on his feet.



He's the of the scout and maybe a femscout, he's a scout like his brothers sisters and cousins, who also had an boston accent.


Everyone from valve games or other games are his friends.


Some boys or girls who bully him are his enemies.


Florian has no real romance feeling, but does have some feeling for Cassandra Davis who is the daughter of Lamar Davis, but he's unaware that Jeanne Fitzgerald have a crush on him, he just considered her has a precious friend.

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