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Flynn is a muscular mulatto- hispanic rugged young man standing at 6ft and 185 with hazel eyes a scorpion tattoo on his upper left arm, slicked back hair and wears a crucifix along with a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up and covered by an opened collared buttoned leather vest, plus a red arm bandana. Over that is a tactical gun holster with fingerless gloves, casual jeans with gun holsters and a brown stud belt, black combat boot, he even has a advanced grappler fitted to his left arm.

Personality Edit

Flynn is usually portrayed as being vaguely sarcastic and confident in his abilities and quips a lot but unlike his father who occasionally loses his temper, Flynn looses it all the time even at the smallest of things which earned him the nickname the Wolverine of video games, he also somewhat cynical yet reatains the same dark sense of humor and wit, but more serious in his tone, he's also aggressive, but aside from that he could attract the attention of women especially on missions and very confident plus willing to ask for help if needed and is a rather friendly guy as long as his temper doesn't ruin that.

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Flynn is the son of Just Cause series protagonist Rico Rodriguez and he seems to be the only one helping him with his anger issues.

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Trivia Edit

Flynn has a strong spanish accent.

Flynn is Christian.

Due to Flynn's temper students are either scare to anger him or just cowardly around him and thinks he's kinda scary.

Quotes Edit

Quotation1 Careful hombre I'll go loco on you Quotation2
Flynn to Travis
Quotation1 You really don't want to make me angry amigo Quotation2
Flynn to a old friend
One of Flynn's outburst's
Quotation1 My temper is not something you want to see amigo trust me Quotation2
Flynn on his temper
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