Foxenna Foxerton
Gaming Series of Origins Five nights at Freddy's
Gaming Parentage Foxy
Age Ageless....Of course because I am a animatronics.
Alignment Anatagonist...Well kinda cool.
Roommate Chippy Chickers,this animatronic is kinda sweet with bableh personality.
Victorious Moments Well hangin out with a piratey folks,
Knock Out! Moments Being a Animatronics because I cant swim,I wish I am a real pirate lady.
Favored School Subject Game History,Ahoy!
Least Favored School Subject Math,RETREAT!!
Allies Welll Chippy and Faye.
Nemeses Chrissy Redfield!
Favorite Food Sushi!
 Foxenna Foxerton is the daughter of Foxy in Five Night's at Freddy's..


Foxenna was a protective animatronic,because when she used to be Cassy's body gaurd when Jamie said something to her so she threat that she will bite Jamie's frontal lobe like Foxy did to the kid..Also she was a loner sometimes and also calm hearted to other people...


Foxenna's body was the same is the girl on blonde,she has a hazel eyes,a red felt made skin..She wore a piratey white top with a little bit torn on her shoulder and arm,a black pants,a pair of black boots and a hook..



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