Gaming Series of Origins [Noitu Love]
Gaming Parentage [Waltz]
Age [I do not have an age nor do I care about it.]
Pet(s) [I do not care about them.]
Alignment [Antagonist.]
Roommate ((TBA))
Victorious Moments [My existence as a whole. I am a much more updated version of Waltz and therefore capable of wiping everyone out. I will not have this squandered by "fate." Fate does not exists and if it does, it is a code that I will rewrite myself.]
Knock Out! Moments [I must say it is hard to convey myself without a voice box.]
Favored School Subject [Game Combat. All these new styles of fighting is added to my databank on a regular basis and it's very... interesting...]
Least Favored School Subject [I do not care for Magical Creature Care. Those things are repulsive.]
Allies [I do not need friends.]
Nemeses [Everyone is my enemy.]
Favorite Food [I do not need food.]
Favorite Beverage [I do not require beverages either.]
((This OC is still under construction))

Personality Edit

Foxtrot is quiet... very quiet. Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with that since she has no voice box but still. When she does speak, it's usually through a holographic text box that appears in front of her. And it's usually cold-hearted and mechanical. She's very emotionless you know. She often states that she could bring the place down once she activates her secondary form, leaving many a student on edge.

Foxtrot was built for combat purposes after all. However she can't really do that on the campus. So in the meantime it's an empty threat.... mostly...

Appearance Edit


Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Foxtrot didn't get to know her predecessor, since Waltz was destroyed during a fight with a blue robot. (No not that one...) so she knows nothing about her and believes that Waltz was a weaker version and thus, could not survive because of this.

Friends Edit

She doesn't care about anyone, why would she have friends?

Enemies Edit

Pretty much anyone who isn't her. She hates everyone. Well sort of, she can't really feel hatred.

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Trivia Edit

Foxtrot like two of the bosses from Noitu Love (Tango and Waltz) are named after dances.

  • Her concept name was Contralto.

She was originally planned to be the daughter of Rilo Doppelori, but this was scrapped.

The reason why Foxtrot speaks in text boxes is because, like Waltz, she has no dialogue. So she uses the text boxes from her home series, but in a holographic blue.

The reason why she hates everyone is simply up to interpretation, since Waltz never spoke in the game and was simply a boss fight.

If she were to have a theme song, it would probably be this: It just seems so fitting.

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