Francesca 'Cher' Redgrave is the daughter of Bayonetta, the eponymous Umbran Witch from the Bayonetta series. She is also adamant that this fact would be publicly disclosed.



Unlike her mother, she is rather prudent and patient, usually taking her time to make decisions. Nevertheless, she has bounds of enthusiasm for any adventure, even as a strong, silent type. One thing she is embarrassed of is having to deal with a sexy mother. Thus she isn't very eager to share her heritage to other people, especially the more 'witchy' aspects.

This lack of desire to be the center of attention leans her towards usually acting as support or 'behind-the-scenes' during excursions. It further shows in her passion of photography. Cher also gets peeved with almost anything demonic, learning and living with them growing up - as nuisances. That's why she doesn't use her magic often outside of lessons.


Francesca has black frizzy hair, which she usually puts in a loose side ponytail. She has small hazel eyes as well as a aquiline nose and lips naturally made for a smirk. Even though she usually wears contact lenses, she also has blocky prescription glasses for if she loses them. Of course, somehow people see her more attractive with glasses on.

Her style consists of maximum coverage and mobility. The top has a neckline loose enough to hang off shoulder as well as short sleeves and a grey sports bra underneath. She also wears dark leather pants and short wedge pumps with built-in blade heels. During combat, it is common for her to use her hair as armour (mostly knee- and elbow guards).

Interests & Hobbies

Adopted from her dad is the investigative spirit, so she is a devoted member of the school newspaper as the photographer. With the inherent Bullet Arts, Cher takes it one step further by manufacturing her own weapons. Hence, she would be often seen in Metal Shop upgrading some of her tech. Otherwise, she also might be in the school shooting grounds.



Her parents are respectively Bayonetta/Cereza and Luka Redgrave. Also her godfather Rodin tends to think the (under)world for Cher, intimidating her classmates and teachers alike. Her aunt Jeanne may be strict but also caring and a little overbearing.


One of her most lovely best friends is Mitchell (son of Chel from Portal) - who shares her love of adventure and combat, even though they are complete opposites.


  • Francesca means 'free one' or 'Frenchman' (from Francis). More importantly, it is also the name of a medieval throwing axe. This is similar to the naming scheme of Bayonetta.
  • Cher meanwhile means 'dear one' and short for cherry, the translation of Cereza, Bayonetta's real name.
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