Frankie Clinton
Frankie Clinton
Gaming Series of Origins Grand Theft Auto Series
Gaming Parentage Franklin Clinton
Age 15 year old
Alignment Half Protagonist and Antagonist
Roommate Katie Bellic
Victorious Moments Have my happy ending game is my best shot i can have at the school.
Knock Out! Moments Losing all my friends is my nightmare at the school.
Favored School Subject Gym and Weaponology 101
Least Favored School Subject Antagonist 101
Allies Katie Bellic and Jeremiah Fitzgerald are my friends, i will never be alone without them.
Nemeses All mean boys and bullies are my enemies.
Favorite Food Hamburger.


Frankie have a good personality has protagonist, and he's friends with some students at school. and some time he can be agressive ,but he,s also very helpful when someone need help. He can't let someone in trouble and absolutly not a friend in need, he lose a little bit of temper when he's angry, he also very funny when we know him better.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He has dark skin like his father, he wear a blue shirt abouve a long sleeve shirt, he has brown eyes and wear brown sghoes on his feets.



He's the only son of Franklin Clinton, no other siblings.


Katie Bellic and Jeremiah Fitzgerald are his two friends since they are kids, they never separated each others Tavros is also his friend since he know him..


Frankie have a dog like his father named chump.


He do not seem to be interested in anyone, but he do not know his roomate Katie Bellic have a crush on him, because he seen unware of her feeling.

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