Quotation1 Most people don't think I'm smart and those people get my fist but you I like so I think we'll get along just fine Quotation2
Fredrick to Chad Redfield and Jim Talbain

Fredrick is the son of Farkas one of the members of the Companions/the circle in Elder Scrolls Skyrim nephew to Vikas plus the protege to Eorlund Grey-Mane.

Physical Appearance

Fredrick has his father's appearance where he has a perma stubble black chin length hair caucasian skin silver eyes muscular, the young man is also very very tall and he's seen wearing the wolf armor, blacksmith apron with blacksmith shoes or a belted tunic with shoes.


Fredrick is a seen as a kindhearted friendly gentle welcoming nice good guy and because this he is well liked by everyone in the school faculty members included and he takes the teasing and insults he gets from his family and friends plus people he likes. However if it someone else or a person he doesn't like call he would punch them or anyone else who doesn't think he's smart, in hindsight he literally inherited his father's personality.



Fredrick is the son of Farkas from Elder Scrolls V Skyrim his mother is unknown he's also the nephew to Vikas and the protege of Eorlund Grey-Mane and he has unique relationship with them and the rest of the companions and non companions all who he sees as his family.






Fredrick is single.


Fredrick inherited his father's lycanthrophy.

Fredrick is the 7th tallest of the creators ocs with the previous ones being Manny, Chad Redfield, Alex Fawkes, Leon Oxton, Glenn and Lucas Wilhelm.

Fredrick inherited his father's baritone voice.


Quotation1 I'm nothing like Peter for he was a obsessive creep hiding behind a kind mask Quotation2
Fredrick's views on Peter Christiansen
Quotation1 The only thing you need to worry about is my lycanthrophy nothing else Quotation2
Fredrick assuring somebody of their concerns relating to him
Quotation1 You don't want to be friends with Evelynn trust me if you do you'll regret it for the rest of your life, take Lizabeth for example years of friendship with Jinx all ruined because of her Quotation2
Fredrick to a anonymous student after preventing them from befriending Evelynn
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