Funtime Piers
Funtime Piers
Gaming Series of Origins Five Nights At freddy's Sister Location
Gaming Parentage Funtime Freddy
Age Maybe 15 year old like the others
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Open
Victorious Moments Well win over the next security guards
Knock Out! Moments Be Defeated
Favored School Subject Antagonist 101
Least Favored School Subject Protagonist 101
Allies some of the same game
Nemeses Well people who i don't really like
Favorite Food Pizza
Funtime Piers its the son of Funtime Freddy in Five Night's At Freddy Sister Location.


He's also kind and charming, but he have some problems with his temper, but also tried to be understand with the others, same if he's an antagonist doesn't meant that he's evil, all he want he just to have some friends


He wear white and pink sleveless coat over his whit shirt, and he also wear a gray pants with white shoes on his feet , he wear a pink palet hat over his head, he look like father but a little bit younger, comparated to his other version he has a chiseled chin.



Comparated to the other version of himself, Funtime Piers its the only child of Funtime Freddy, so he love his father, but he doesn't a marionette on his hand yet.


All characters protagonists or antagonists of their future game


He doesn't have a romantic feeling yet, maybe busy with his study for his future game, but he just hope that he will find the girl, of his dream one day, but he just doesn't know who it would be, because well like he said he do not have the time to focused on romance, but its also because he fear that girls laugh at him because of his apperence, witch he think its a shame. Well until He meet Jia Han, but for the moment it seem that they are just aquaintance for the moment, but maybe it will change in the futture but for the moment its nothing more then just a simple friend coming relationship.

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