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Dandora's threat..

Gabriela was the daughter of Dante in Devil May Cry.She is a known delinquent in Game High, causing her to get into fist fights which ended up getting offenses.



Gabriela is a rebellious and tough which these personality of her get into trouble such a fistfights, giving students the feeling being not safe and more. However behind this rebellious persona, she is desperate to earn everyone's respect due to bullying she suffered when she was a freshman, the rebellious personality is just mask to be used as a way of getting feared to avoid being tormented again.


Gabriela has most of her father's genetics, she had a white side cut,a peach skin with several scars and a ocean blue eyes. She wore a red hoodie with a black and white accents with a black torn top with a bandage underneath, she wore a tattered brown pants and a leather boots.



She was born from an unknown place, she also worked on Devil May Cry but part time due to schooling. Her mother was a human however Dante and her are divorced for loveless relationship.


She had few unnamed friends in Game High which is some of them rebels like her.She is the childhood friend of Jasper who knew she was before she was today. She also right hand man named Logan, she also entrusted her role to him when she is away.


She is not a fan of having pets roaming around the dorms.


She dislikes people who gets in her way and Barret also gets in her nerves due to how she got dissed after her attemtping to get her territory which is her cafeteria seat


Gabriella has crush on Elza Tan due to her calm nature however it saddens her when she realize she's with Marceline.


  • Gabriela's old name was Dandora but due to it's meaningless and unusual vibes on it..The creator changed her name to be realistic.
  • She has a soft side on kittens but she doesn't want to own one.
  • Gabriella was a skilled marksman like her father but she doesn't use guns that much.
  • She is struggling with her devil trigger.
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