Rose Radames was forced by her mother to work at the 5 Mansions (they are neighbours) at London. When she came to the Mansion. She realize that the people in the mansions are vampires.


  • Rose Radames - a 17 years old girl , who lived in the America with her mother but then her mother's business went bankrupt. So she was forced to go work at London for their income. She was living with the 5 vampires from diffrent parents.
  • Rufio Nivans - an oldest nephew of the co-Leader of the Vampire Army, Piers Nivans. He is obessed of Fairy Tale theory. 
  • Cronus Muller - he is the younger brother of Jake Muller, who is obessed with girls especially to Rose.
  • Dirk Redfield - the youngest son of Chris Redfield, the leader of the Vampire Army . who is the one who bit Rose's blood first.
  • Tavros Nivans- the youngest nephew of Piers Nivans and the brother of Rufio. He is been disable in his childhood..
  • Kankri Kennedy -the older nephew of Leon S. Kennedy, who is an obessed bookworm.


  • Prologue : The 4 vampires
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