Quotation1.png My illusions might be only tricks to the eye for you, but for me, they are more than simple tricks. Quotation2.png
Gaspard defending his magician abilities.

Gaspard Le Roy is the grandson of Servais Le Roy, also known as Magician from the asymmetrical survival game Identity V. He is one of the most experienced magicians/illusionists of Game High that isn't trained in any type of mystical arts.



Gaspard is a good looking young man with a peach skin tone and lean build. He has combed straight brown hair that extends into a beard, and he also has deep brown eyes. Other prominent features of his face are his thick eyebrows and thin lips. His outfit consists on a light brown buttoned shirt with a black bowtie, brown jeans with a black belt and gold shoes. He's also seen wearing black gloves and sometimes a brown coat. Sometimes he's seen with a blue sweater that his grandmother knit for him.


Gaspard is a proud young man who will always look for greatness, he won't hesitate on doing things that he knows will be good for him. He's always looking for perfection and greatness, which might make him seen like a completely arrogant person... which he is.  Deep down he's looking for people's validation as he feels he has some big shoes to fill being the grandson of Servais Le Roy since he wants to succeed where his grandfather couldn´t. Which does make him kind of insecure when he doesn't get the praise he "deserves".


In Game

After Servais moved to London, he met a beautiful young lady and soon became her partner. She was a baker and eventually helped him perform some tricks until she got pregnant. Of course, she never knew about the crime Servais had commited, so she believed the story of him becoming a great magician. After Servais' dissappearance from going to the manor, the lady decided to keep on with her baking business to support her child. The child also became a magician and eventually found a wife which led to the birth of Gaspard.



Gaspard want to live up to his grandfather's expectations and become even greater than Servais Le Roy, thanks to that dream his parents have been really supportive of him and want him to reach greatness as well. He also has a really close reationship with his grandmother, who tends to bake him some cakes or knit things for him. Mostly because his grandmother sees the image of Servais on his face.


One of the people he believes is a good contact to have is the future mercenary, Isha Subedar. Even so, he doesn't have any friends for the moment being.


Due to having certain issues with their family history, he does not get along well with Athena. He believes he's blaming the wrong person for her grandfather's demise, in which he says the culprit was Isha's grandfather.


Even if he's more interested on his magic tricks and his illusions, he wouldn't mind having someone to share his ambitions with. He became Emilia's partner after a lovely evening at a café.


  • He's possibly one of the most good looking IDV male students.
  • Gaspard was inspired by Étienne-Gaspard Robert, a belgian Illusionist who was also a physicist.
  • In Belgium, the age in which people can start buying and consuming beer is at age 16. As well as in London(with the company of an adult and only with low alcohol drinks). Which is why he can drink beer.
  • Even if he knows that his grandfather was the reason William Ellis was poisoned, he will never acknowledge it.
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