"I'm might be the daugher of Gordon Freeman, Smart, brilliant, skilled, and a lot alike him. But I am only founded when it come to peace and making a better world, not when there's a fight or a humanoid war, but I will lead everyone when it comes to an Alien-Human wars!!" Gina Freeman expressing her Speech after graduating Game Middle School, and entering Game High in the first day...


Gina Freeman
Gaming Series of Origins Half-Life
Gaming Parentage Gordon and Alyx Freeman
Age 14
Pet(s) Snarky the Snark is my female pet, she's very edgy when it comes to biting anyone!!
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Jasmine Spartan-177
Victorious Moments My crowbar, and the Physics Gun, they are the most effective weapons so far to me!! The others are for back up...
Knock Out! Moments Sometimes when it comes to other students fighting over things, I would rather solve their problems than with violence arrogance!!
Favored School Subject Well Science, Engineering, and mathematics! I sure need these to improve my brain!!
Least Favored School Subject Cooking, I hate it so much... Physical Education, too much for the scientists... And let's not forget Counter-Striking, I really hate that lobby class!!
Allies Jasmine Spartan-117, Calliope Johnson, Julia Fenix, and let's not forget Fiona Calhoun!!
Nemeses Amy Shepard, Diana G-Man, Wanda Breen, and Stefanie Loucost.. Their are a force to be dealt with!!
Favorite Food Hmm... STEAK AND PIZZA!!!!
Favorite Beverage Soda, and iced tea!!

More Information coming soon!!

Character Story

Gina Freeman is the Daugher of both Gordon and Alyx Freeman, the two humanoid heroes of the Resistance after defeating both The Combine and The G-Man together, like her father Gina is smart and very skillful with weapons and building new stuff when she has the mood for it. She is also a brave player when it comes to fighting with her players and NPC's, and is the current leader of the entire Game High, ever player and NPC looks up to her as the greatest Hero of all games and storyline. But aware of her role of being the famous player among others, she also has a mind for true love and peace for all players and NPC's.


Gina is best friends with Jasmine Spartan-117 and Julia Fenix, with all three of them they go into Team Deathmatches and a fashion showoff competition, giving them the true ability of their friendship! Also Calliope Johnson is another Great Friend who also helps out with Gina and her players around the school, and with both great minds they can accomplish anything from small and huge problems.


Both of her parents are Gordon and Alyx Freeman, her parents got married and became the leaders of earth, making her next of kin after her father dies. Gina has a sister who's at the 8th grade of Game Middle, and a little brother who's at the 4th grade of Game Elementry. Both of their names are, Gwen Freeman and Eli Freeman, who are just too spoiled but same as their parents...

Favorite Weapons and/or items

The List of what she uses!

Crowbar and a Super Crowbar!

Gravity Gun with/without super physics effect!

Sliver M9 Beretta with/without dual wielding!

Golden Desert Eagle with diamonds!

MP7 with Grenade Launcher!

M4A1 with M203 and Holo sight Scope!

Sliver 5 Clip Crossbow with/without exploding tips, and shock tips!

Sliver and Diamond SPAS-12 with/without Dragon's Breath!

Blue Laser Mod Tau Cannon!

Red Laser Mod Gluon Gun!

Laser Guided RPG!


Snarks! (Don't ask why!)

Heath Pack!

Suit Battery!

Long Jump Module!

The Tool Gun!

Valve Command Consel for cheats and advance details!

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