Physical Appearance

Glenn is a 6ft 11 inches tall jacked young man, that sports partly cropped blonde hair light blue eyes, fair skin chiseled jaw and features, no eyebrows, tattoos of the American flag on his right and left shoulders, he also wears a camouflage tank top with brown pants tennis shoes and a military dog tag hanging from his neck.


Glenn is a tough young man both mentally and physically, who always put his family and friends first. He's also a loving son and brother to his family and sister. Although stoic at heart, Glenn's calm and emotionless exterior is just a facade he puts on after witnessing a traumatic event during his years in the army. He is also said to be loyal to the United States and the military if not a little persistent, Glenn is also a very focused and selfless person who would often give advice on recklessness, bravery, and the will to survive on a battlefield.



Glenn is son of Street Fighters's Guile and his wife Julia, and like his father he's a true family man.






Glenn is single.


Glenn served 4 terms in the U.S. Army.

Glenn suffers nightmares of his military years.

Glenn has post traumatic stress disorder.

Glen's favorite colors are a reference to the American Flag.


Quotation1 Mission Complete returning home Quotation2
Glenn after completing a mission
Quotation1 War never Changes Quotation2
Glenn quoting the Fallout video game series
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