Roxy's P.O.VEdit

I unlock my Phone to check some updates in Hackstuck,I am such an addicted...When I unlock my phone I saw my wallpaer of Dad and I when I was 13 and my hair is so long..T_T...OK let's back to reality..When I finally checked it,OMG!!Marcy totally upadated it..I stopped and read it,it's so cool...How Hackstuck was awsome??

Marcy's P.O.VEdit

I updated my Hackstuck comic because I forget to update last month because my dad grounded me for 1 month because I accidently say a very painful words to my mom because she pinched my cheeks so I hurt her feelings..I drank my faygo while watching this Mep it's so cool but the song reminds me of Carrie,you know that creepy movie that makes your hair stood..LOL...I want some more updates....So bye..

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