Quotation1 Watashi wa shōtsu to shite yoba reru koto wa kirai... Sore wa chotto meiwakuna Quotation2
(I hate being called as shorty ...It's kinda annoying)

Hanako to Dirk

 Hanako Shimada is the daughter of Genji Shimada, one of the Overwatch Members. 



Hanako was loveable and sweet when she's in public, she's also clingy when her cousin or Older Brother was arround. But she is hiding her secret which is her insecurity for having a flat-chest, she didn't mind before but due to Audrey's  negatize criticism which leads to her jealousy...She try to hide her insecurty to her friends and relatives.


Hanako appears to be a short and slim teenage girl which makes her the shortest family member of the Shimada Clan.She has a Mint green double buns, brown eyes and slightly pale skin..


Robots- Hanako's curiosity about robots was at her childhood times when she notice an Ominic saved her from streets which makes her loving them..Hanako wanted to learn more about Cyborgs and Robots..

Animes- Hanako was influenced at her culture...She mostly watched Yuri on Ice and So much Bishiounen content Animes..

Yaoi- She really loves readinhg soft-core yaoi..



Before Genji become a cyborg, she is one of the child of Genji's women that he slept with ..At the day of her birth, she's being left on the doorway which the young Ruki found her...After many years passed by, she finally reunited with her father..


Hanako was very close to Gou and Jiao , they even share their interests in Animes and Yaoi's..She's also the acquintance with Min-Ji.


She didn't own a pet..


Audrey was responsible for her insecurities..Which leads to her self-deppression..


She had crush on Tyler and Nathaneal which she is starting to confuse about it.


  • Hanako was a Japanese Female name which means  "flowe girl" and her nickname Hana comes fromt the Japanese word "Flower".
  • Her actual hair color was black but dyed...
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