Quotation1.png Unless you want to go through the same crap my dad went through I suggest you stay away from the Ink Machine Quotation2.png
Harry showing a group around Joey Drew Studios

Physical Appearance

Harry is a tall handsome young lad with short black hair caucasian skin black eyes clean shaven and normal build.


Harry is friendly, calm, kind, skilled, artistic, brave, good, caring, self confident, athletic, stern, inspirational and strict. He's also soft-spoken and rarely expresses emotions stronger than minor shock and/or annoyance upon seeing bizarre things especially in his father's studio. Harry is also shown to be sentimental, pessimistic, punctual, optimistic, positive, he also expresses signs of guilt and grief.



Harry is the son Henry Stein and Linda Stein from the popular survival Horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine by Meatlygames and he has a perfect relationship with them.


Harry is friends with his roommate Chad Redfield and his sister Clara Redfield he's also very close to one Bradley Wolf


Harry is Single,


Harry is the first Bendy and the Ink Machine kid on Game High wikia by TallTalesfan20.

Harry is a member of the Animation Club.

Harry is an animator like his father.

Harry has his own private studio in Game High.

Harry has a habit of visiting his Father's old studio even if he shouldn't be.

Harry would sometimes have Ink covering him or appear on him whether this is due to exposure to the tainted ink doing visit's to his dad's studio or a certain amount ink poured on him by the Ink Machine is unknown however Henry and certain individuals including his friends and Roommate has noticed some changes in his biology and appearance whenever the ink is present .


Quotation1.png Ink demons and false religions are no match for you especially when you have an axe at your side kid Quotation2.png
Harry's personal quote
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