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Hartwin protecting his baby pig from Isha Subedar

Hartwin is the descendant of Murro, also known as Wilding, one of the survivors from the asymmetrical survival game Identity V. He has a type of "animal shelter" in the school where he takes care of most of the pets of the students.



Hartwin is a tall young man with chocolate brown messy middle-lenght hair, medium-fair skin and brown eyes. He also has a thin long nose and beard.

The way he dresses is like a "boho" type of style. He wears a baggy white shirt with a brown vest on top of it, he also wears light blue jeans and brown boots. His accesories include some leather bracelets and well a a little pouch that is tied to his jeans. In this pouch he carries some berries to eat.


Hart is one of those people that usually prefers animals over humans. This type of ideas makes him socially awkward, he's not exactly good at speaking with others. Even if he isn't that social with humans, he really gets along with many pets of his fellow IDV comrades. His humble and calm nature is one of the reasons many why people might be interested in being his friend.

He is also a really sweet and gentleman type of guy, which probably makes some girls interested on him. 






Hartwin doesn't have that big of a relationship with his parents. They do care and love eachother, but the bond isn't as strong as his bond with animals. On the other hand his long life companion Ebbe is someone he considers as his family. They have been together as long as he can remember, since he rescued him from a circus when Ebbe was only a baby boar.


Being a really socially awkward person, he finds it really difficult to make friends with others. Happily, he met someone who had the same problem that him at first which is Avery. Avery and him became good friends, Avery teaches him about insects while Hart teaches him about other animals. He also likes Jerry's calm personality as well as Apollo's. Still, he gets along with all of the pets of his fellow IDV companions. That's mostly all he needs.




He had a slight crush on Felicia due to her kind and gentle nature, something he does enjoy a lot. Hart also feels comfortable with her presence and manages to speak fluently with her. After a certain incident made Felicia notice his feelings, they started hanging out even more and eventually became something close to a couple.


  • Hatwin means "brave friend" from the Germanic elements hard "brave, hardy" and win "friend".
  • All the pets from his fellow survivors like him: Joan (Apollo), Ceres (Pythia), Smiley (Amber), Mochi (Clover), Luchino and Norton (Rupert + Cressida), Hercules (Cressida), Zapper (Allie), Royale (Emilia), Aurora (Esther), Lisa (Felicia), Bernard (Harley), Leo (Hector) and Emily (Simon).
  • Pets from fellow hunters also like him: Mara (Levi), Rake (Jake), Fleur (Antoinette), Terne (Arthur), Cherri (Guinevere), Tsubasa's butterflies and Míng's ferret.
  • He tends to stutter when talking with people, but talks fluently with animals and his friends.
  • The only type of meat he eats is chicken, and sometimes some seafood.
  • He's the slowest decoder of the IDV offspring.
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