Quotation1 Get a life sweetheart because you don't have one! Quotation2
Heather's final remark to Audrey

Heather Wesker is the estranged daughter of Alex Wesker, she was a part of the Paranormal Club and also the member of the Fate Deviants.



Heather is rather laid back and loyal, she always smiles in every situation, when she is also likes to mess around her tormentors like she faked her acceptance on joining Evelynn's gang. She can be sadistic if she snapped


Alex has her mother's genetics, she had blond wavy chin length hair,an icy blue eyes and a fair skin, she wore a pink dress with a black collar and hem line, a purple sneakers with a fishnets. As for her accessory she had a striped arm warmers, a crack hear piece necklace and a star earrings.



At a young age, she was left behind by Alex due to her obsession of her work in Umbrella, which ended up in divorce,she was living with her father which she was happy with since she slowly forget her mother is.


Morgan was her best friend since freshman, they were close to each other like sisters by blood. She is also close with Fiona.


She didn't own any pets due to her allergies.


Like all Game High Students. She heavily disliked Audrey, she also attempted to break her friendship with Morgan to help build Evelynn's gang but she faked her acceptance but only to ignore them.


She is in a relationship with Makoto Takahashi.


  • Heather's name was from a purple-flowered Eurasian heath that grows abundantly on moorland or heathland.
  • Heather's design has a slight resemblance to Rose Lalonde with a hint of Roxy Lalonde which is both from Homestuck.
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