Quotation1 Hey there Berry Boo! I was wondering this cowboy will..Take ya to a lovely horseback ride.. Quotation2
Hector flirting asked out Pythia

Hector Alonso is the descendant of Kevin Alonso also known as the Cowboy, a survivor from the asymmetrical survival horror game called Identity V.



Much like his ancestor Kevin, he is brave and adventurous young cowboy who enjoys dangerous adventures within the outside world and he is also a wanderlust which makes him love to travel around the outside world not just the hot desserts in his hometown,

Hector inherited Kevin's love of women and this making him got his flirtiness which ever girls find annoying especially to ever Identity V girls he met.




Kevin married to the Native American girl named Angelina that he met during his near death experience and had a child months later but once she was killed due to his parent's greed making him leaving with his child and years passed by his descendants kept growing, one of them is Hector, Hector was raised by farmers who loved adventures just like him,.His father wanted him to owned his farmlands once he was gone which Hector is having a hard time because of how he loved adventures.





He interacted with Apollo Clark but they never bonded that much and they rarely talk to each other.


He owned a horse named Leo, which he always join his morning walks in their own farm.


He disliked Lucas on how annoying he is around him.


It is revealed that he used to be with Yvonne however because of his lacking of time together they both ended their relationship then later he began to flirt with Pythia however when she revealed she had a lover already it breaks his heart to hear that but he moved on afterwards.


  • Hector wanted to style his hair into dreadlocks but he has no budget for that.
  • He carries around his ancestor's lasso.
  • Hector often being called as Barret's lost brother.
  • Hector's lasso was a hundred years old now.
  • Hector not only flirts at his survivors, also hunters as well.
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