Quotation1.png Stop calling me french fries hair! Quotation2.png
Hermie to Isha

Hermes Grantz is the grandson of Victor Grantz better known as the Postman from the asymmetrical horror game called Identity V.He is the twin brother of Aamar and he is part of the School Band as a drummer.



Like Aamar, he is also shy and doesn't feel comfortable when talking other people as well, but unlike Aamar, he tried to fit in people's eyes which is why he joined the school band to make himself confident a bit to slowly let go his introverted persona of him because how it affected his middle school years.

Like any other brothers, he is very protective to Aamar, and he is also supportive of her decisions unless if he knew that thing she chose was dangerous or wrong, but no matter what happen he will always taking care of Aamar.

He is also big coward to MK kids due to their violent nature. Ironic is that the game he originated has a bit violence.


Hermie has a blonde wavy hair, a blue eyes and a pale skin that has a scars due to his stumbling whenever he delivers.







Even though he is struggling with his social life, he do have friends


Pan was his pet as well as his delivery dog


It depends


He had no romantic interest at all because of him being focused on his own life.


  • Hermie is a shortened version of Hermes, the name was named after the Greek God of Commerce and he served as the messenger of Mt. Olympus
  • Aamar is also work as a school's postman like his twin sister.
  • Hermie is being called as a human French fries because of his color combination of red yellow which is similar common fast food French fries.
  • Clover describe him and Aamar as the Kagimine Twins
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