Cassy finaally faced her problem to Jamie,so she changed her look..

Knock Knock

She heard a knock of her dorm room,she's completely shy because she wore a short dress simmilar to Deborah's..."Cassy gurl!I am waiting!!"a gurl's voiced shouted"Alright,alright!!"Cassy cried "Because my dres is too revealing(her legs reveals)"she whispered in embaressment,so she pull down her short skirt and open the door,it was Roxy.."Cassia!Why dont you open the door??"Roxy asked"My dress is too ......short."she chuckled nervously"Oh!Niceeee,Anyway Merry christmas to Rufio and mines"she smiled and she gave the two gifts.She fastly locked her door and teared the gift from her Rufio ,when she finally teared the gift, she open the box and saw a some Creepypasta figurines like Jeff the Killer,Jane and etc..after that she unwrapped Roxy's gift to her, and it's a Hackstuck sweater,.."Wow!The best day of my life"Cassy whispered and fall asleep..

One day later..

It was night!Cassy wore her Cobalt blue dress with a pair of cyan blazer and her hair type is a fishtail,her accesories is a golden necklace, and an emerald earings..It's their christmas party..Shinna played her disc jockey wearing her formal outfit..She saw her enemy of her life named Jamie,when Jamie saw Rufio,he ran fastly and punched his face..So Dirk Redfield punched him back using his hook style.After punched he brought to a private place to hear to heart talk with Jamie "Jamie!Stop brawling my bestfriend.You are jealous at him because he has all,he had looks,personality and he's confident..But your wrong,he's not perfect as think..BTW I heard what you are saying after the party..You try to what my sister..Anyway tell sorry to my sister without blushing or kissing a cheek..Okay?"the younger Redfield said"Okay"..After that Jamie finally apologize Cassy and Rufio..So the party restart again and dance at the dance floor.

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