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Hugo scolded one of Ayi's minions

Hugo Lapadura is the descendant of Made Eyes or Burke Lapadura from the asymmetrical horror game called Identity V. He is an inventor of various robots including Bailey, a penguin robot which similar to Bon Bon but with more enhanced skills than him



Hugo was a sarcastic and smart man with a very problematic point of view of developing romantic relationship due to how they see romance as a destructive thing which is why he acts bitter around them especially the concept of girls being into bad guys.

However Hugo is just a hopeless on developing romantic relationship and his hatred is just mask of his insecurity but he tends forget it by being busy on his inventions.


Hugo was a skinny,tall man with a black chin length hair with white hair on the front, a fair and a brown eyes. He had prosthetic right arm and left leg.

Hugo wear a white collared shirt inserted with a brown vest, a brown pants and potato brown leather shoes.

As for his accessories, he had a white apron with yellow lining,some bandages, a pair of goggles and a finger less glove.


Before Burke went to the manor, he had his own family once but due to him being to focus on his own talent, they all left the man but he didn't care since he is too focus on his works.

Years later, his descendants grew bigger, one of them is Hugo himself, he apparently inherited Burke's talent and love of machines, once the young Hugo found his ancestor's sketches and works, he began to followed his footsteps.



His father was an architect while his mother was a struggling author of a children's book company. Due how busy they are, they did not pay attention to him that much because of that he rely on maids that much.


Even though he is not a fan of making friends, he do sometimes join Florencio and Charlie as his company.


He is currently creating his pet with machines.


He disliked Xiao-chen due to her being cruel to survivor


He consider romance as a vile thing in the world although he is just insecure about developing a relationship but now he is fortunate to have Venus as his girlfriend


  • Hugo's name is Germanic origin that means "Mind"
  • He lost his right arm and left leg because of an explosion.
  • He had a condition called Marie Antoinette Syndrome due to his stress over his parents abuse causing his hair to have white streaks
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