Quotation1.png I like dancing with the devils now, honey... You made me used to it and I crave for more~ Quotation2.png
Hwa-Young revealing her new Identity Seo Jun

Hwa-Young Lee (이화영 , Lee Hwayoung) is the cousin of the latest survivor, Yun Jin-Lee from Dead By Daylight. She was a solo artist who survived the tragedy of Mightee One. Her stage name is "Lady". She is one of the VIP students.



She is once a gullible and sweet girl who is a big dreamer when it comes to performing and always crying whenever offended. She is also a hopeless romantic because of how she is constantly dreaming to win Seo-Jun during their trainee days making her biggest devout, she even admitted to Yun-Jin that she is thankful that Ji-Woon has a brother.

After the incident, she got out of her old shell and become fiercer and haughty than ever she is to not only forget the past but to toy Seo-Jun as a payback for Ji-Woon's Debts which she somewhat enjoyed ,she used this to win the trials whenever they crossed paths. Like the stars she is not fond of attention to her fans which is why she is hardly to do what normal people do. She also became easily irritated and a bit aggressive once provoked.


Main Outfit

Hwa-Young is a slender young woman with an average height, she has pale skin, a chocolate brown almond eyes and she has a wavy silver hair with purple Ombre that also matched the rest of her clothing. She also has a beauty mark underneath her eye. For her make-up she had an gradient lipstick that transition to plum to purple.

As for her clothing, she wore a black turtlenecked velvet crop top that is designed with a corset like key hole, a straps on her shoulders and purple , it also paired with the same colored skirt which it has a blue linings, she wore a purple stockings with dark purple lining on front that matches her pointy lavender boots that almost reaches her knees and it has dark purple on the bottom and upper part of her boots.

For her accessories, she rocked a circular purple glasses with blue beads around it, an amethyst earrings, a white boa to balanced out her outfit and a lots of silver bangles.

Alternate Outfit



Hwa-Young's parents died because of a car accident when she was an infant leaving her under custody of her aunt. When she was a child, she became involve into music because of her cousin, Yun-Jin and like her cousin she began to get fascinated by instruments but unlike her she has a love on playing piano. Her love in piano making her dream to become a professional pianist.Not only she likes piano, she also fond of singing and dancing. However when the family got into debt they took everything including her piano and began to live in a penthouse with her aunt's family.

At the age of 10, when she walked with her cousin, she saw a beautiful K-pop idols on the TV in the appliance store while watching it she saw big girls dancing with confidence, getting the best attention and , the young girl began to change her dream ,from being pianist into a K-Pop Star. So after they got free from debt after NO SPIN was a success. Hwa-Young did not refuse her cousin offer to become an idol trainee because she knew this is a one step on her dreams even though the step was a bit off a struggle due to the strict diet and hours of training. After a long training, she became a member of a all girl K-Pop group but it didn't last long somehow due to her members' disappearance when they told her about Ji-Woon's unusual behavior which she refuse to believe because of that she became a solo artist which she struggled somehow because she felt more confident with her group.

One day, once she stepped into her cousin's workplace to have lunch, she was welcomed by Yun-Jin's place being quiet and once she heard people screams she went to the place where the screams is but then she saw the Mightee One's executives being slaughtered by her last artist, Ji-Woon along with his brother , the boy she loved and cherish did such things causing her to meltdown. Once they saw her witnessing the slaughter, the last star ordered his brother to hunt her down to "silenced" her and then she began to run as fast as he could in order to escape him and once she ran faster, a fog consumed both of them..



After her parents died, she became attach to Yun-Jin since she was child, she saw her as a role model and an idol they even shared their interest in music. When she "died" in the hands of the Trickster, her cousin's only star she became devastated causing her to become one of the Devils.


She and Saki are close to each other possibly they are related to a Dead By Daylight survivors or how well she is containing the killer but because of her name, Saki always getting asked by her fans to get Hwa-Young's attention which she always complain to her. Despite of not caring with her fans, she is fond of Lucky since she saw him as a great dancer and she sometimes scoop some ideas from him (with a credit), who and same goes with Dee-Coy.


She had a Black Scottish fold cat which was gifted on her 14 birthday, the cat was named as Tomie.


She doesn't like Evelynn forcing her to do a competition with her since she prefer her one and only competitor was the devil himself.


Despite of her new persona by being haughty or wanting her revenge, she still deeply in love with Seo-Jun since he was trainee but she knew his narcissism and her being a by him target under Ji-Woon's orders makes things complicated between them. Because of how complicated her chances between her and Seo-Jun making her jealous to other people, especially Renée's.


Quotation1.png That gullible little bombshell let her demons consume her. But only the demons turn her into one of them. Quotation2.png
Hwa-Young telling her past to Saki.
Quotation1.png How does it feel being under Ji-Woon's shadow? Quotation2.png
One of Hwa-Young's Tease.


  • Hwa-Young dyed her hair by herself with a help of a video tutorial. Originally her hair is marble brown hair.
  • Hwa-Young used to have blurry eye sight but after Yun-Jin got rich, she got a laser eye surgery.
  • Hwa-Young has an allergy to spicy food.
  • After the incident, she became obsessed with knives.
  • Her aesthetics is inspired by Evelynn's K/DA skins.
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