Roxy's P.O.VEdit

"Woah not cool Cassy,not cool..Dont ever do this..I am...completely lost.."I cried when I am lost at the dark forest because Cassy and I played the slender man,"Oh mom!!I don like to-WOAH!"I shouted when I slept into a cliff,until I dropped at the end,my orange camping shirt is completely muddy and my legs too.."OK !Cassy!!We broke one of Ranger Kelly's rules!I dont want to kicked out or whatever!"I am shouting around at the forest like a crazy person,until I hears a very strange sound,dont tell me is a B.O.W or a wolves..Dont joke mother nature!...When I look down to check out my shadow,my eye caught a strange shadow of a wavy type haired gurl,when I turned back I screamed"Roxy!Roxy!"she  whispered while she covered my mouth.."Meulin!What are you doing!!"I asked while her hand still in my mouth"I am just hiding around so many gurls never pour me a mud"she explained with a sad face"Anyways,can you keep a secret?"."Uh..Okayyyyyy.."I smiled fakely,so she pulled my slippery and muddy arm to stand me up..When we are at the cave,she folded her knees and wrapped it with her slender arms "You know I am just a test subject of him..".My pupils shortened and I covered my mouth with  my soft hands"What no way!I thought your his daughter!Simmons is such a sick pants!!!"I said with anger tone becuase why Simmons used his own daughter as a test subject like Deborah and Chris' men.."Yeah,still maintain my human form..I dont why??"she said sadly"Like Javier did to his daughter,Manuela.."I smirked "No!it's diffrent,just diffrent"..

Cassy P.O.VEdit

I ran at Ranger Kelly to help find Roxy"Ranger Kelly!Roxy is lost at the woods !!"I pant because I am running"OMG!!I'll call the medic and police in case she's kidnapped,and injurred"Kelly said while se grabbed her phone to began a search party"This is Ranger Kelly Crowford,I am calling the police and medic,to find our camper named Roxanna Kennedy!"

"Ok bye!!"

When she ended the call,she contact Roxy's parents...

Part 2 will coming soon

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