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Arthur remembering his twin sister

Isidore Desaulnier is the son of Joseph Desaulnier or also known as Photographer from Identity V, an asymmetrical survival horror game. He is once an heir to the Desaulnier Family until his disappearance.



Because of being raised by Nobility, he is a well mannered and educated man, but unlike other nobles, he is surprisingly down to earth.

He is very loyal and sincere to people he met (depends on the treatment he is receiving), he is also confident in showing his own talent or proving people they we're wrong about a subject. Arthur is a bit aggressive and exaggerated whenever he deals with fights which ended up being awkward.

But his confidence covered his deep pain of his sister's death despite of him trying to cope it,


Arthur was an average young man with a slim figure, he posses his platinum hair tied into a ponytail, a purely ocean eyes both lens and sclera and pale skin.


Before Joseph's disappearance, he had a wife named Agnes and a 2 children which is fraternal twins named Isidore and Amelie r , however his pain over his brother's death distant them because of him busy of finding a way to resurrect him along with his photography, which causes his family fall apart.

After that, she remarried to a noble which is surprisingly kind to Isidore and Amalie, however Amalie got a fever which her family started find a cure in her illness but the era was lack of advance medicine for her illness causing her to die. After her death things fell apart to their family once again. His mother into depression while his stepfather was gambling and drinking knowing it is all his fault for not able to cure his step daughter while Arthur was beginning to have an obsessions with art especially with his biological father's hobby which is photography, since he knew he is finding a way to resurrect his brother maybe he will help to resurrect his own daughter.

One day, he disappeared on their home and then once she looked into his study table, a letter was left indicated that he ran away.



Like Joseph and Claude, he is extremely close to his sister, Amalie but when she died to a fever. Isidore revealed his disliked on his very own father on how distant he is to his family because of his obsessions of his brother, however once joseph apologized because of his desperation, he bonded with him again.


Florencio is the only one he can relate due to the fact that they came from a same century they are born and he is the one he know who got their bodies preserve for 200-300 years, along side with Min jie.


He is not fond of the behavior of Archie, due how he mistreat Tsubasa's closest friend, Velma.


He owned a Gray Pomeranian dog named, Terne which he adopted.


Isidore began to develop romantic feelings to Tsubasa and he treat him like what Tsu wanted to be treated as well as him being different and unique to other people


  • He is name after Joseph Niépce's son, Isidore.
  • He is born somewhere in the 18th-19th century.
  • He preserved his life on the obscura like how Joseph did to preserved himself
  • Isidore tried to play piano to woo Tsubasa.
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