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Quotation1.png Those Gods seems to be a perfect toy.. Quotation2.png
Ithaqua's commentary of the sons of the Elder God

Ithaqua is the son of Hastur, or also known as the Feaster, a hunter from the asymmetrical horror game called Identity V.



Ithaqua is a prideful and a confident being who is willing to do anything to please his father who expected him big because of him being his only successor of his mantle in the future as the next Feaster, he is also loyal to his devoted followers and of them is Pythia which he always gave him his blessing.

Despite of his godly demeanor, he is pretty polite and kind around with his fellow hunters, he is also flirtatious around Raijin which gives the son of thunder god some discomfort around him.


Ithaqua is one of the tallest hunter's offspring ' he has pale blue skin with a naturally blue lips, he has a 4 black eyes with dark blue sclera and a sky blue medium length hair. He also have blue tentacles as his feet.

He wore a Robe that has various hues of blue that is stitched together along with different patterns on it and a light blue tattered long hooded vest with dark blue lines that is secured by a black belt.

Ithaqua has some accessories that gives him the vibe of Hastur and where he is based on, a brown ring floating around his back that embellish with dark objects, a bandage that conceal his face that only revealed his one eye and another that wrapped both of his hands.


His reason of existence is like Ayi'ig's, Hastur needed his successor as well, he was made of octopus and snow, creating him, to serve the people him and his father in the colder side regions



He was extremely loyal to his father and is willing to worship and follow his words, which Hastur considered him as a "perfect one" for his own mantle.


He is friend with Ayi'ig for thousands of years now. He also praised Pythia's loyalty to him and his father, giving her his blessings.


Ithaqua doesn't the idea of having pets because they consider them as a living waste of time.


Ithaqua is afraid of Cirene because of how he might know the deeper truth about him sacrificing humans to please his father.


Ithaqua became Raijin's lover after all his flirting when the thunder god knew his softer side.


  • He is based on one of the Lovecraftian creatures which is the same name as him. Which is turns out to be Hastur's son.
  • The signs of his presence was in extremely cold atmosphere.
  • Ithaqua reveal that he knew some of the grandparents or descendants on some new survivors including Pythia's.
  • He can wield both ice and tentacles .
  • He rather to be called as Itha.
  • Like Oblio's case, he is not fond of seeing Cirene because he felt like his father's human sacrifices haunting him.
  • Ithaqua and Ayi are the 2 of the oldest hunters.