Jaime Heller
Jaime Heller
Gaming Series of Origins Prototype Series
Gaming Parentage James Heller
Age 18 Year old
Alignment Half Protagonist and Antagonist
Roommate Aldrian Mercer
Victorious Moments revenge my family for their murder and save my sister who is still alive in my game.
Knock Out! Moments Be defeated by Aldrian Mercer the real antagonist of my game where i am the hero.
Favored School Subject Gym and Protagonist 101
Least Favored School Subject Magicology
Allies Well i have a lot of friends but my sister is the only one who is my true friends just like Adrian with his brothers and sisters.
Nemeses Aldrian Mercer who go to be my arch nemesis in the game i go to have like my father with his father.
Favorite Food Inhalated Steak


He's very kind and protective he do not want to hurt anyone except if he's provoked, he will fight only if he's in danger and have to protect himself or others, he can help someone in need when they ask him for help he agreed without problem.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He's very muscular he's wearing a black sweater with a black red hoodie, he also wear black pants and brown shoes, he can shape lifting himself.



He's the son of James Heller and have four sisters.


His sisters are his only true friends, but he's also friend with Bent the son of Bentley Tortoise in the sly Cooper series. Rose Radames is also his friend same if she's an antagonist.


Like their fathers before them Aldrian Mercer his own roommate go to be his enemy in his game, and will defeating him in the future in the end of the game and win.


No one for the momen

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