Quotation1.png The only thing that matters about someone is what is on their inside... literally. Quotation2.png
Jake's "motivational" speech.

Jake is a descendant from Jack, also known as The Ripper, a hunter from the asymmetrical game Identity V.



Jake is a really tall and thin guy, measuring aproximmately 2,00 m (6'5 ft). He has really fair skin, medium messy dark brown hair tied up in a low ponytail and deep brown colored eyes. He's usually seen wearing a white mask that covers his face, not because he is bad looking but because he needs it in order to not be discovered.

His outfit consists on a black tuxedo, that underneath has a white shirt and a wine red vest. He wears black shoes and white gloves with it as well as he carries a pair of scissors around in his pocket for some reason. One of his hands is fully composed by what it appears to be some type of blades.


He is a really misterious person who doesn't show lots of emotions, he's usually serious and cold minded. He doesn't speak unless he needs to and doesn't really show a lot of emotions. Although deep down he is a cold-hearted guy who possibly wants everything to go well for him and not for others. He has also a kind persona since he doesn't want to make people suspicious of him.

His twisted side usually showed when Tsubasa was involved having a kind of stalker persona. Getting jealous whenever someone else is with "his boy." Now it only shows if someone ever tried to flirt with Levi or got too close to him.


In Game

Since the famous Jack the Ripper was never caught, he managed to make a family without being noticed by the police. His descendancy grew a lot until Jake was born, his parents were both people who wanted to perserve the memory of the famous ripper but where caught in the act and killed. Jake became an orphan at a very young age and was sent to an orphanage. He grew up as a kid with no emotion that had a certain interest in painting, something other kids bothered him for. One by one the kids were no longer seen in the orphanage and his red paint supply grew bigger for some reason. There was only one kid that actually liked him, he had asian features and was always kind to him. Sadly, the kid died due to an illness.

The nuns at the orphanage started getting suspicious of him, since the orphanage was getting emptier. Plus, it looked like no one wanted to adopt him since most of the people who saw him felt a weird vibe out of him. Until one day the nuns tried confronting him going to his room and found it empty. The only thing he had left behind were some paintings that had a weird smell...



His parents passed away when he was really young so he doesn't have memories of them. On the other hand the nuns at the orphanage weren't exactly his family either. He never felt he had a family thanks to this two things.


He doesn't have a lot of friends due to his quiet persona, but he does enjoy Levi's company. He feels a warmth coming from him and likes it. Apart from him, he kind of likes Florencio's presence and of course likes Tsubasa's warm personality.


Jake dislikes Arthur a lot, not because he is a bad person, but because he is just the perfect little prince that managed to enamour his boy and took Tsubasa away from him.


He has a strong feeling towards Tsubasa, which eventually transformed into a bad obsession with him. Once Levi told him about his feelings, they started a relationship in which Jake is kinda overprotective of the blonde boy.


  • Jake is a few inches/centimeters smaller than Míng.
  • He gets along pretty well with Levi, and likes the warm feeling that is transmitted from him.
  • The reason he got so obsessed with Tsubasa is because he reminds him of that asian boy who treated him nicely. Tsubasa treated Jake the same way at first.
  • He has done many paintings with Tsubasa's face as well as some paintings for Antoinette or Levi, either as a gift or a request.
  • Jake does paint really well but doesn't feel like entering the painting club at school.
  • Even if he says that he doesn't like medical 101, he does find some of the lessons interesting.
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