Personality Edit

James is calm, carefree, charming, polite, respectful, cocky sometimes, and appreciative of weapons and wants them to be treated with respect he's also cynical(initially).

Appearance Edit

James is 6ft 1inch with brown hair a scruffy brown beard tan skin brown eyes and a toned muscular build he also wears basic Cowboy attire.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

James is the son of Jesse Mcree his mother is unknown for his Pa never wanted to talk about her.

Romance Edit

James was always a charmer for many gals would do everything they can to have him theirs but he politely rejected them, however he did end up in a relationship with Cherry.

Quotes Edit

Quotation1 Name's Mcree James Mcree Quotation2
James's introductory quote
Quotation1 I don't take kindly to those who insult my family Quotation2
James when his family is insulted
Quotation1 I ain't much for talking about my pa's past for you're not going to like what you hear Quotation2
James when asked about his father's past
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