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Jasper showing his love in a daydreaming state

Jasper is the son of Trish from Devil May Cry Series, he is a drummer from a band called The Midnights , he is one of the popular member on the band which gave him unnecessary attention.



Jasper was a chill and a kind one in the band, he also a party animal and there are times he always never miss every parties. However he can indecisive whenever a conflict he dealt with and also clumsy whenever he is in a stressed state.


Jasper has a light brown messy hair (originally blonde), a blue eyes and a fair skin, He wore a black leather jacket that the sleeves got folded, a sliver hem line and zipper and has a white shirt with red drips on the top of the shirt, he wore a wine red pants with black belt and a sneakers. He had a spiky choker and bracelets, some leather charms a finger less gloves, he also has a fishnet warmer on the left arm.



Her parents are both devil hunters from the Devil May Cry Shop, his father was rebel demon who fought against Dante who later died and his death happen when Trish gave birth to Jasper.


He was very close to his band mates they are siblings to him, they loved their energy when they are together. He is also Gabriela's Childhood friend.


He disliked Lucas for flirting his crush.


He didn't own any pets due to his schedule.


He had a crush on Morgan Nox . He is used to be Evelynn's boyfriend however he broke up with her because he can't able to be on her side when she kept ruining people's live including him which she forced him to leave his band behind for her which he refused.


  • Jasper was named after a quartz.
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