Quotation1.png People are so noisy, that's why I prefer the corpses... Quotation2.png
Jayden's thoughts on socializing.

Jayden Kreiss is the grandson of Andrew Kress, also known as the Grave Keeper, from the asymmetrical game Identity V.



Jayden looks similar to his grandfather, since he was born with albinism. Taking this into account, he has natural silverish blonde hair (looks white), ivory skin that looks almost completely pale and red eyes. His outfit consists on a black buttoned shirt, a greyish-purple vest, black fitted pants and black boots. He also wears a wine bow-tie and black gloves. He has plenty of bruises and scars all over his body, since he's usually bullied because of his monstruos appearance.


He's normally a quiet person, but even with this he's friendly. Due to how he dresses and his face emotion he seems like a really gloomy guy, who's waiting for the world's end... which he is. Some people might even call him socially awkward with the people he doesn't know, but he is trying to do his best.

When he is with people he gets along with, he's really gentle and tries to be as happy as he can so he doesn't make others uncomfortable. Even so, he does get tired of people easily and prefers to be alone. He's also really cold when it comes to showing his feelings, for he has suffered in silence for a really long time. He is never seen crying unless he has reached his breaking point.


In Game




Even if he is really gloomy and cold, he loves his parents very much and wants every good thing to happen to them. He actually took the job as a grave keeper to help his father and make him retire soon so that he could have family time. Both of his parents are kind and showed him the right way to act, so he really cherishes them.


Even though he's socially awkward, he is best friends with Esther. He believes she's one of the few people who feels comfortable with him and viceversa. He also likes Apollo's calm nature as well as Cressida's. Both of them are calm, and quiet which he enjoys. His closest friends aside of Esther are the Grantz twins and Allie Balsa.




He was originally in a relationship with the future embalmer, Esther Carl. But due to some problems involving the few times they could see eachother, Esther broke up with him. After his break up with her, Allie confessed his feeling for him and they became a couple.


  • Jayden is an kind of gloomy cinammon roll.
  • He's actually quite muscly since he carries a shovel all the time and usually digs a lot of holes in the ground.
  • When he talks to other survivors in the game, it's just because he has to, not because he wants.
  • He's one of the slowest decoding survivors in his game.
  • Many people during his childhood called him a "monster" due to his appearance.
  • Vincent usually calls him derogatory names because of him being ugly accoding to the painter.
  • If someone hits him hard (intentionally or by accident) he wont feel anything, for he is used to receiving them.
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