Personality Edit

Jena is very energetic, extremely fearless, quick witted, affectionate, determined, enthusiastic, determined, cheeky, and she loves a good joke.

Appearance Edit

Jena is a short (5ft 4inches) petite girl with brown hair fair skin black eyes and wears casual clothes with tennis shoes.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Jena is the daughter of Emily and Lena Oxton AKA Tracer from Overwatch she's also the younger sister of Leon Oxton and she really loves her family despite what others say about them.

Friends Edit

She is friends with two members of the Overwatch offspring such as James Mcree son of Jesse Mcree and Lucas Wilhelm, she's also friends with Mark Mcloud son of Fox Mcloud, an old friend of her brother and a fellow pilot.

Romance Edit

Jena is single.

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Quotes Edit

Quotation1 Cheers loves see you later Quotation2
Jena saying goodbye to her friends before heading off to class
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