Jeremiah Fitzgerald his the son of Jeremy Fitzgerald main protagonist of Five Nights At Freddy's 2 and Twin brother of Jeanne Fitzgerald

Jeremiah Fitzgerald
Jeremiah Fitzgerald
Gaming Series of Origins Five Nights At Freddy's 2
Gaming Parentage Jeremy Fitzgerald
Age 16 year old born in the year of 2000
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Mango Fox
Victorious Moments Be the next security guard like my father before me after Maddie decide to shift or be fired.
Knock Out! Moments Be killed by animatronics is my weakness i really don't want to be killed by them in my game.
Favored School Subject Herology 101 et gym
Least Favored School Subject Weponology i don't really need it
Allies Maddie Schimdt and Penny Fazbear are his friends.
Nemeses Like Jamie Heller and Mare Nette he Don't like his roomate.
Favorite Food Pizza and Fries


He's friendly and funny, he like to have fun with everyone, he also have some friends around him , but he doesen't like when we are mean to him.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He have dark skin, and wear blue shortless suit with blue pants and wear black shoes on his fetts with blue hat, and have brown eyes and dark hairs.



He's the son of Jeremy Fitzgerald and twin brother of Jeanne...And little brother of Piers Fitzgerald


Well Maddie Schimdt is his friend but Penny Fazbear is a little bit his frienemy same if they are in the same game.




Mango Fox he's a little bit the new foxy or mangle but he found him girly and weird has his roomate.


He have a secret crush on Penny Fazbear.


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