Quotation1.png Please take care of my little sister while I am in college. I am afraid that she might suffer like how I suffer... Quotation2.png
Jerry last words before graduating Tsubasa

Jeremiah Adams is the grandson of Helena Adams or also known as The Mind's Eye, a decoder from the asymmetrical horror game called Identity V. He is currently in UoG along with Francis Ellis.



Jerry was a hardworking and determined man who wanted prove his worth in society despite of his disability, he is very confident about showing what he learned in every lessons he knew and he doesn't need help in any people which makes him independent as well.


Jerry had a bright red hair that is neatly done, an ivory skin with freckles and a white eyes which shows blindness.

Jerry wore a light green jacket that covers his white button up shirt with checkered vest and a light blue tie,a navy blue slacks and a black shoes.

He also has a blue circular spectacles and a brown sling bag.


After Helena finished college, she married to a wealthy man who cherished her despite her disability and then have children later. Years later their children have their offspring of their own and Jerry is one of them who somehow had her grandmother's condition. His parents was very protective to him due to his disability but he somehow proved himself to his parent that he is independent despite of being blind.



Jerry was born in a fortunate home along with his sister, his parents both struggled with his blindness caused by a disease and his little sister's accidental blindness.


He showed kindness to Tsubasa for making his sister better, he even told him to take care of her.


Jerry didn't own any pets and has no interest caring one. He even rejected to have a guide dog.


It depends on how he was treated by the person..


Jerry was focused on his studies and he is unable to have romantic relationship this time since he consider his education as his top priority


  • Jerry was based of the creator's friend who mained the Mind's Eye who has the same name as him
  • Jerry is a big fan of Historical musicals like Hamilton Musical and Les Miserables.
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