Quotation1 I am Jia-Han!Juumin's only daughter! Quotation2
Jia Han
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Gaming Series of Origins Mystic Messenger
Gaming Parentage Juumin Han and MC..
Age 14
Pet(s) I have no pet yet but Dad buys me one!
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Elza Tan..I am worry about her since she is bullied by girls!
Victorious Moments Well my Every Day Life is the one <3..I love my life but it's not perfect as you expected..
Knock Out! Moments Being treat as a Goddess..I am just an ordinary girl.
Favored School Subject Calculus..I love it!!
Least Favored School Subject Weaponology..It doesnt make any sense :(..
Allies I am alone..But I am hoping a friend
Nemeses Mara Wesker...
Favorite Food Kimchi and spicy foods...I have endurance when it comes to spicy foods..
Favorite Beverage Anything sweet..
 Jia Han is the daughter ofJuumin Han and MC .She is the first student from the Dating Games and Also from the Mystic Messenger.



Jia was kind and gentle to others making people loved her..She didn't interact bullies and mean girls (Especially Audrey who reminds her of Echo Girl).She is nice towards to the teacher and one of them is in love with her because of her natural beauty..But Jia has a hidden darker side which is still unknown..


Jia has a wavy black hair, a golden eyes and pale skin.





Jia lives in the life of luxury .She really loves her father..So as her mother.She is also the grandaughter of Chairman Han..


She is acquintance with Funtime Piers and Gou Oda.She is also concerned about Elza Tan ..Jia has a childhood friend named Min-Ji which is the daughter of her Father's friend.


Her pet is only Elizabeth 3rd..


Audrey Simmons was annoying for her and Reminds her with Echo Girl who annoys her Uncle Zen..


She is currently waiting her future redstring.


  • Jia means "Good" in Chinese..
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