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Jiao's puns

 Jiao Zhou is the daughter of Mei from the popular game called ,Overwatch. She is a known member of the Science Club and also Chess Player.



Jiao was a jolly and a pun loving gremlin which sometimes making people annoy the heck out of them once she kept making puns related to ice. She is also a bit anxious whenever she is on a virtual battlefield or any physical sports which is the reason she avoid Marksman 101 or Gym this


Jiao was has a slightly chubby body, a fair skin with freckles, almond eyes and a chocolate brown hair, Jiao wore a sky blue jacket with blue sleeves that also the same color on the collar and chest area it is inserted with a white t-shirt with blue neckline and a logo that says "Into the Unknown" that has a icicles underneath, a light blue pladed skirt with snowflakes with blue leggings underneath and a white fur boots. The only accessory she has was a black glasses.



Mei gave birth to Jiao in the monitoring station in Antartica. This results Mei leaving her job briefly as her husband takeover her job to take care of Jiao.


Jiao become close to Meera due to her endless support in her movie projects which she also become an actress on that projects sometimes and Meera loved that support. She also very close to Maddie since the first day they describe as two peas in a pod.


She disliked Gabriella because she got humiliated during her presentation at the School's Plant Project.


She didn't own a pet due to being busy in her lifestyle.


She had no romantic interest with but she do want a boyfriend in life.


  • Jiao is a Chinese word that means "to cry out"
  • Jiao is a bit rusty when speaking Chinese.
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