Physical Appearance Edit

Jim is 6ft 1inch (186cm) with tan skin spiky whitish bluish hair muscular broad shouldered and wears casual clothes.

Personality Edit

Jim is Anti social, aggressive, brash, but aside from his negative traits he's quite charming, kind, disciplined, brave, selfless, combative, determined, athletic,and skilled.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Jim is the son of Jon Talbain from Darkstalkers and they have a great relationship between them.

Friends Edit

Jim is only friends with Liam Custer.

Romance Edit

Jim is single.

Trivia Edit

Jim is able to transform into a werewolf at wil like his father.

Despite him being 6ft 1inch in human form his werewolf form is huge and hulking.

Quotes Edit

Quotation1 I hope my current appearance doesn't frighten you mate Quotation2
Jim when meeting Liam in his werewolf form
Quotation1 What's the matter Zombie rockstar cat got your tongue? Quotation2
Jim to Lord Raptor during Music class
Quotation1 You don't want to mess with a werewolf love Quotation2
Jim to a student
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