Quotation1 The path to redemption is a path for the truly guilty not the truly innocent Quotation2
Joe's inspirational quote on Redemption
Joe Marston is the son of Abigail Marston and John Marston plus brother to Jack Marston from the Red Dead Redemption series. he known as the Gentleman Cowboy, because he treat's all females with respect and would never commit adultery to them, he's also the second Red Dead Redemption student after Albert Morgan.

Physical Appearance

Joe is a tall young man with short right parted and dark brown hair, normal build, brown eyes Caucasian skin with a permanent short stubble, while also wearing a striped grey pants, a beige shirt, denim vest and his pa's classic hat as his signature attire.


Joe is a fairly serious individual with very little patience for eccentricities of both life and the various people he meets. Joe is also shown to be disgusted/disturbed of those who have unhealthy obsessions with anyone in the school however he is not above employing sarcasm during a conversation with certain people mainly those who he sees exhibiting hypocrisy. He extremely polite to women and he greatly respects them, plus he refuses to do any form of adultery with them but yet quick to anger. Joe is also unafraid to take the moral high ground when dealing with reputable people, he's also doesn't hold racist views and even sarcastically mocks those that do. He's also cynical and skeptical sometimes.      



Joe is the 2nd son to John Marston and Abigail Marston plus the brother to Jack Marston and they have a descent relationship with each other.


Albert Morgan and James Mcree were his childhood friends and they been through a lot throughout years, him and James were even there for Albert when his pa died of Tuberculosis, before Micah's death he even took him to Arthur's grave so he could pay his respects.




Joe is Single.


Joe inherited his pa's dead eye ability.

Joe inherited his pa's skills and his rough voice.

Unlike his pa Joe could swim.

Joe is the second Red Dead Redemption character at Game High the first being Albert Morgan.


Quotation1 Howdy partners been awhile Quotation2
Joe greeting his childhood friends
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