Johnny Bike
Johnny Bike
Gaming Series of Origins Paper Boy
Gaming Parentage Paper Boy (Himself)
Age 17 year old
Alignment Protagonists
Roommate Jake Bike
Victorious Moments Be on my bike is my victory moment and deliver papers also is my everydays.
Knock Out! Moments Scrached by bike get me angry sometime, awhen i do not get the job done i am grounded.
Favored School Subject Protagonist 101
Least Favored School Subject Dunno
Allies New do not have friends yet.
Nemeses None yet
Favorite Food Corn


He's a kind boy, who love to deliver paper like his father, he want to bring good news to everyone at the school, he do not want bad news. He also don't like to have a scratch on his bike or his bike stolen, he want to make friends like everyone else.

Physical ApperanceEdit

He had olive skin and blue eyes, he also have brown hairs and wear a white hat, he wear a blue shirt with gray pants and brown shoes on his feet.



He's the son of Paper Boy himself, and is the twin brother of Jake Bike, he still sometime argue with his brother, but they are also really good brothers togheters to each other.


Like his brother he's new he do not have friends yet, but seem to be friends with everyone and in partucularity Jeanne Fitzgerald, he seem to be really close to her since his arrival.


Well he doesn't seem to be interested in anybody, but seem to catch the eyes of Jeanne fitzgerald, but he doesn,t seem to be really aware of that, because he think he's too young to date someone, same if he knew he maybe have feeling for her when he see her the first time, but won't admit it.

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