Jonas Zachary Stone

Jonas Stones New Look

Character Profile
Game Parent Resident Evil 5
Age 15
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Shevia Alomar
Character Parent Josh Stone
Victory Moments winning fight against the zombies like my father and his friends.
K.O Moments When someone told me to stay out of a fight. that make me angry like anybody else.
Favourite Subject Protagonist 101
Least Favourite Subject Antagonist 101 i don't understand i don't need to be evil..
Qoutes "Get out of my way"

"I have a funny joke to tell you"

Victory Friends Anyone who are child character of Resident evil.

Jonas Stone is the son of Josh stone.


like every protagonist he's a nice guy and friendly, he's very kind to people in need he want to help them, but he hate when someone is not nice to him. He's also a funny guy who love to make joke.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Like his father he had black hair brown eyes and dark skin, he also have a kaki green shirt with kaki green pants with black shoes on his feet.


He's Voice by Chris Warren Jr



Jonas is the son of Josh Stone and want to be a soldier zombie killer like his father.


Every child character from the Resident Evil characters.


he have a little dog called Killer.


Child characters of every antagonists of the Resident Evil series.


He have a crush on Shevia Alomar, but the two of them are to shy to admitted.

He finally also catch the eyes Alicia Funland, but she seem to be an antagonist of a Harvest moon game, he know she should date someone of her own game.


Jonas StoneJonas Stone pledge outfitJonas Stones New Look


  • His Birthday is the 14 September.
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