Joseph Ziegler is the son of Angela Ziegler or better known as Mercy from Overwatch, he is a leader of the Medic Club.



Joseph was composed and gentle character which he describes as dad like which people attracts him. He is also passive=agressive whenever he respond to negative feedbacks and can only snap if it's too much.





He was born in London,England which is his father's birthplace along with Olivia. Angela and his father loved them so dearly, when his father went to a mission then he disappear few weeks. He was presumably dead according to the rescues leaving his family behind.


He was close to Claude and he liked his protective attitude which he planned him to nominate as the next president which he humbly refused due to love on Medical Club and he was also impressed by Arthur's works which made both of them befriending each other.


He owned a white stray dog named Blancc.


He do have enemies but he easily to forget who they are due to his focus on his studies and life.


He had no romantic partners however he do seen to have a close relationship with Barret Black which make him implied to have romantic feelings over him.


  • He wants to join sports team however due to his busy schedule in both club and studies. He is not able to do it.
  • Joseph has a severe allergy to cats.
  • Joseph disliked of using perfume or cologne but he used anti-septic santizer to freshen up.
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