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Josh when being ambiguously flirted on by Evelynn

Josh Morrison is the son of Jack Morrison AKA Soldier 76 he's a war veteran and Game High's 2nd vigilante he's also the newest Overwatch student and a former athlete. Josh is also known as the dad to the Overwatch offspring due to his parental behavior and father like tendencies.

Physical Appearance

Josh is a 6ft 7 inches tall caucasian young man of mesomorphic build with blond hair and white streaked bangs, blue eyes a scar near his left eye while also wearing a white and blue jacket, red gloves, dark grey pants, sliver boots and a holster that houses a pistol or casual clothes.


Josh displays a grouchy and serious plus parental demeanor he's also shown to be athletic, strict, stern, overprotective, militaristic, skilled, commanding, vigilant, brave and shown to have father like tendencies.



Josh is the son of Jack Morrison AKA Soldier 76 his mother is unknown but according to his dad she's someone from his days in the U. S. Army.


Josh is friends with the offspring of the Overwatch members, Max Pearce and Glenn.




Josh is single.


Josh served in the U.S. Army.

Josh being a dad to the offspring Overwatch agents is a reference to Soldier 76 being the dad of the Overwatch family.

Josh inherited his dad's skill and talent.


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Josh to Winsor
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