Justin Carver is the son of Jack Carver the main protagonist of the 1st Far Cry and it's spin-offs he's Alex Stryker's part time police partner and the 2nd Far Cry character to attend Game High he 's also a military enthusiast.

Physical Appearance

Justin is a physically imposing and muscular young man with partly cropped brown hair 5 o'clock shadow blue eyes that turns yellow when switching on his feral abilities and is seen wearing a blue US Navy Seals t-shirt jeans and trainers or a US Army camouflage tank top and pants with combat boots.


Justin is known to be commanding, militaristic, brave, strict, loyal, respectful, honest, caring, informative, athletic, skilled, daring, serious, quick thinking, pessimistic, kindhearted, courageous, inspiring, and feral on some occasions.



Justin is the son of Jack Carver from Far Cry 1 and it 4 spin offs with him his mother is unknown but it's speculated to be either Valerie Constantine or Valerie Cortez but it hasn't been officially confirmed yet.


Justin made friends with Josh Morrison, Max Pearce, Glenn, Jack Shepard, and Rick most likely because of their military background he's also close with Alex Stryker and the military students.


Justin doesn't have any enemies but it depends on how who gets on his bad side.


Justin is Single.


Justin inherited his dad's Feral abilities after being exposed to the Feral serum himself and could switch them on at will.

Justin really lives up to his father's role for he served in the Navy Seals and US Army Special Forces.

Justin is the 2nd Far Cry character to attend Game High.


Quotation1 I'm not an animal just some soldier with feral and animal based abilities Quotation2
Justin when someone witness him showing off his feral abilities and skills
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